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Montana Speed Clearcoat Medium Activator Montana Lightspeed Clearcoat Medium Activator ClearCoat Kit
ClearCoat Kit
Our Price: $101.05
Qt. Montana Speed Clearcoat Activator Medium  75-85 F Montana Lightspeed Clearcoat Activator Medium 75-85F
Montana Lightspeed Clearcoat Montana Speed Clearcoat Glasurit Multi-Purpose Gloss Clear
Montana Speed Clearcoat
Our Price: $139.00
PE1900™ LightSpeed™ Low Overspray Production Clearcoat: LightSpeed™ Clearcoat was designed for spot and panel application over a properly applied basecoat. This 2 component clear has fast dust free times and delivers good gloss with low overspray. PE1900™ LightSpeed™ Clear increases productivity (by maximizing vehicle throughput) and has excellent gloss and low overspray. Can be polished in 90 minutes. (Mix 4:1) PE1500 Speed Clear Acrylic Urethane Clearcoat: PE1500 clearcoat was designed for panel and multi-panel application over properly applied basecoat color. This two-component clear has the quickest dust free times and delivers outstanding gloss with low overspray. PE1500 clear increases productivity by maximizing vehicle throughput and may be polished as soon as 45 minutes. Although this is a 2.1 VOC product, the quick polish time makes this a popular clearcoat for National Rule areas. (Mix 4:1) Glasurit Multi-Purpose Gloss Clear 3.5L